wooden dummy

Wing Chun wooden dummy

You must have seen the photos and videos of Brucely and Ip Man practicing Kung Fu with a Wing Chun wooden dummy and you have been curious about this device.

The Wing Chun wooden dummy is a specialized Wing Chun Kungfu training device that is exactly simulated from a human body with purposeful differences that we will examine and the benefits and uses of the wooden dummy.

This device has three hands and one foot, which means:

that the Wing Chun practitioner should have the ability to deal with three hands in terms of dealing with the opponent’s hands.
(Wing Chon is a personal network of the hand)

آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1

And as for the leg, the single leg of this training tool represents the opponent’s leg when striking. Note that when kicking, only one of the legs can rise and the other leg is the support.

The wooden dummy form is the fourth unarmed form of Wing Chun, which is taught in the 4th and 5th level of Wing Chun technician (master).

In order to learn this form, a person must go through 10 to 15 years of training and learning to reach this stage.

Of course, it is possible to practice and work with this device from the lowest level of Wing Chun, and even amateur artists can practice their techniques and movements with it.

Advantages of training with wing chun wooden dummy:

First of all, correcting the sitting angles of the body during attack and defense and creating the ability to orient the body correctly during the reaction, which can be felt well by practicing with a wooden dummy.

Secondly, the ability to perform the movements of both hands at the same time and increase coordination between hands and body.

:Disadvantages of training with a wooden dummy

The word “disadvantages” makes sense when training with this device, when you are satisfied with training with a Wing Chun wooden dummy and neglect training with an intelligent opponent.

So remember, besides training with a dummy, be sure to train with an opponent of the same weight and sometimes a heavier opponent in order to increase experience.

آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1

Master Yip Man practicing with Wing Chun wooden dummy

Other benefits of training with this device can be mentioned as strengthening the forearms in order to perform a more effective defense and counterattack, as well as strengthening the body’s strength and concentrating it.
Don’t forget that the hands and especially the forearms play an essential role in Wing Chun, and weakness in them will disrupt the performance of Wing Chun.

It should be noted that training with a wooden dummy is not necessary for beginners, amateurs and even professionals to learn and progress in Wing Chun style.

A human opponent can be an alternative and even better in the basic levels of this style.

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Plan for making a wooden dummy

In general, in ancient China, two main types of Wing Chun wooden figures are mentioned, which are: dead wooden figures and living wooden figures.

The main difference between these two types of wooden dummy lies in the way they are made and shaped.

 1- Dead wooden dummy

In this type of wooden mannequin, a significant part of the mannequin is placed inside the ground and is specially designed for the open space outside, where the ground can be dug.

The dead wood mannequin is made of long wood and because most of this wood is inside the ground, it gives the artist the opportunity to experience and practice with powerful blows, because it practically does not move with the smallest blows.

The use of this type of fake is gradually decreasing.

نقشه ساخت آدمک چوبی وینگ چون

2- A live wooden dummy

The trunk of the live wooden dummy is either mounted on springs or attached to a supporting frame at the top and bottom.

This type of dummy is currently the most popular, and since it is relatively simple to install, it can be used in any gym or even in a home apartment.

The wooden dummy reacts with a clear rebound when hit, making it a more useful alternative to the opponent.

We need several pieces of wood to make a wooden mannequin according to the shape.

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نقشه ساخت آدمک چوبی وینگ چون

Wooden body
1- Artificial arms
2- Up to the fake leg
3- Trunk
4- Wedge
5- hit for cross bar
6- Mortis number for upper left arm
7- Hit for upper right arm
8- Hit for the middle arm
9- Mortis number for leg

wooden frame
10- Support column
11- Cross bar
12-fixed wedge (to prevent cross bars from separating)
13- fixed wedge (to prevent the body from shaking from side to side)
14- Watch the hole for the screw

آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1

Techniques and applications of wooden dummy

آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
wooden dummy application
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1
آدمک چوبی وینگ چون1